Audible 1.01 for iPhone Update Lets You Use External Play/Pause Accessory Controls

Audible 1.01 was released quickly after the Audible app launced last week. This is an important update for those of you who listen to Audible audio books in the car and use a hardware remote control device like Griffin’s iTrip AutoPilot. I use it with my iPod nano and iPhone in the car because it provides an “easy to feel” physical pause/play, reverse, and forward buttons that I can use without looking at the iPod/iPhone or the iTrip itself. Unfortunately, this did not work with the Audible 1.0 app on my iPhone 4. The 1.01 update, however, provides:
Added remote AV command support (inline play/pause button) + iOS4 audio widget
In plain english, it means accessories like the Griffin iTrip AutoPilot now works as expected with the Audible app. You can now return to your audio book listening.