Auctioned Ad Agency Interns Next Hell’s Angels

The ad interns whose services were auctioned on eBay last month for a decent sum ($17,655, or $465 per intern) are going to be working with Brammo, a company that makes electric motorcycles.

Workforce reports that the social-media-savvy company (with a feed on its home page of Brammo mentions, and “the bios of the executive team are all Diggable”) “appears to embrace the interweb machine more than your average marketer,” which the mag theorizes is why the company was the winning bidder. The Wall Street Journal has a bit more:

“As a start-up we’re trying to find ways to be creative,” CEO Craig Bramscher said. “Getting to mind-share 40 people well connected in social media will be great…”We did some simple math and we’re paying less than a buck an hour,” Bramscher told the WSJ. “It’s quite a bit cheaper.”

It should also be noted that auction mastermind Alex Bogusky seeded the initial bids by contacting current clients and other companies, of which Brammo was one, but that Brammo bid twice—so the auction wasn’t exactly rigged, but not totally organic either.