Auction a Date with Scarlett Johansson, Get Tons of Press

(screengrab from the date with Scarlett eBay auction)

Our not-so-scientific analysis of the media shows that auctioning a date with a beautiful woman for a cause indeed works. At press time, the eBay auction for a “date” with Hollywood list-topper (People’s Most Beautiful, People’s Best Clevage, FHM’s Sexiest Woman, etc) is at $19,100 with more importantly, 81 unique articles listed on Google News.

The lucky winner gets to hang briefly with SJ on the day of the premier of “He’s Just Not That Into You” sometime this Summer. The proceeds of the auction benefit Oxfam America.

The auction is captained by Auction Cause, which bills itself as a facilitator of high-profile ebay auctions for non-profits, PR & Ad agencies. Emails to Auction Cause, and Johansson’s personal rep Marcel Pariseau have not been returned.

Oxfam did indeed put out a release on this, back on 2/21. They went with the terribly juicy headline: “Oxfam America Launches Fundraising Initiative on eBay”. Quick tip: read the New York Post for headline-writing ideas.

PS: Scarlett is crushing British bodice-ripping geekthrob Colin Firth. He’s taking the lucky winner to Mama Mia for only $9300 bucks.

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