Journalism Professor Chronicles MLB Commissioner Ford Frick

John Carvalho's first book arrived Nov. 9.

JohnCarvalhoPicWhen George Plasketes, professor and associate director of media studies at Alabama’s Auburn University, introduced colleague Dr. John P. Carvalho (pictured) at a Nov. 28 book event, he wore a Stan Musial jersey. Because that player was his father’s favorite.

But it is New York Yankee Roger Maris, and a certain asterisked home-run season, that lends Carvalho’s new book its distinctive title. Released earlier this month, Frick*: Baseball’s Third Commissioner is all about Ford Frick, the third commissioner of Major League Baseball. Per a report in student newspaper The Plainsman, part of the challenge for Carvalho, associate professor and director of journalism, was researching a man who predates Internet archiving:

One does not breeze through the book publishing process, Carvalho would say. From a surprise flooding in the Haley Center threatening the safety of his archives to the periods of “radio silence” in between writing, editing and reviews, the process was something to admire as Plasketes addressed, but something attainable for Carvalho.

“The book itself represents the best of John, both professionally and personally,” Plasketes said. “When you read it you will hear John the journalist, John the scholar, the historian and the fan.”

Frick actually started out as a journalist, and it was that fact that first drew Carvalho to his subject. Read the rest of lifestyle editor Lily Jackson’s article here.

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