AT&T/T-Mobile USA Deal Getting Bad Press

AT&T execs sounded confident on a conference call hosted on Monday to explain the goodness of their plan to purchase T-Mobile USA. That optimism will have to hold up against the hits the deal is taking as it heads to Washington for consideration.

Media outlets have reported on the possible ramifications and the very real opposition to the acquisition all week (and it’s only Wednesday).  The New York Times reports on some analyst predictions that the merger will result in consumers paying more for service.

“The bottom line, they said, is that competition is likely to suffer, leading to higher prices and less innovation,” Jenna Wortham writes. Other analysts have a more optimistic outlook, saying that service and coverage could improve.

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse plans to take his grievances with the merger directly to Congress, filing the company’s point of view with the government during the review period. He also spoke out about the deal at a wireless conference in Orlando, according to Bloomberg. MasterCard and tech company LightSquared have also criticized the plan, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Following AT&T and T-Mobile‘s own FAQs, CNET also compiled a Q&A that addresses some of the big consumer concerns. The overall message — there will be some perks, fewer choices, and prices may go up. But for right now, there’s still just a lot of uncertainty.

Faced with a lot of skepticism and naysayers, AT&T will have to continue to make its point over the coming weeks. A little more certain, there will be a ton of long workdays ahead for the comms team.