Attorney Doubles Down on WaPo’s Wemple

A prominent D.C. attorney, Timothy Naegele, is redoubling his stance against WaPo media opinion writer Erik Wemple for his stories on the recent allegations of plagiarism against TWT columnist Arnaud de Borchgrave. As a result of examples that have recently surfaced, De Borchgrave is taking some time off. Wemple reported today that several of De Borchgrave’s recent columns have been taken offline as part of an investigation. TWT‘s Editor Ed Kelley did not respond to Wemple’s request for comment and has failed to respond to reporters’ questions throughout this ordeal. He has only remarked on it — get this — through a story published on the newspaper’s website that said De Borchgrave handled the situation “appropriately” — nice, objective reporting there, right?

Meanwhile, the lawyer and obvious President of De Borchgrave’s fan club, is still outraged. “It seems there are two ‘villains,’ the talentless Wemple, and the Times—which may not have a lot of spine,” he wrote FishbowlDC. “At least the Post protects their own.  The Times should too.”

On WaPo‘s website, Naegele threatened to keep a watchful eye on Wemple until he screws up and the the Post fires him. On TWT‘s site he wrote the following:

“Arnaud de Borchgrave is brilliant, and he is the reason why I read the Washington Times, and no other reason. He is correct: ““Everybody makes mistakes, and I take responsibility for mine. I will redouble my efforts to attribute with precision.” The Washington Times would be foolish not to accept this mea culpa, and have him back writing his wonderful columns as soon as humanly possible. Until then, I for one will be reading the Times far less.”