Attention New Yorkers: Conan O’Brien is Not Being Executed – He’s Just Moving to LA

We normally make fun of Angelenos for being self-obsessed. Ask them if the Raiders still exist. They’ll tell you no.

For the record: the Raiders play in Oakland. That’s near San Fransisco. North of The Valley. Up the 101.

Anyway, New Yorkers are treating Conan O’Brien like he’s getting canceled or dying or something.

His show is moving to a better time slot in another city. It’s a promotion.

Daily Beast ran a best of Conan piece that is three internet pages long. It reads like a eulogy.

Also the NY Times ran the quote by Conan himself:

“I was just determined that in the last few days I would walk through the front and into that main entrance,” Mr. O’Brien said. “I know I won’t come this way again.”

NBC Studios in Burbank is not a destination in Dante’s Inferno! That’s Tarzana…and perhaps Culver City adjacent…although we may have to read the book again to make sure.