Attention Microsoft Employees: Get Ready to Single Task & Lose Copy/Paste. Your New Windows Phone Devices Are on Their Way to You

One of the most retweeted items among techie Twitter users yesterday was this item by ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley:
90K down… just under 30 million to go: RT @simchabe: Woot. Every single microsoft employee will get a windows phone 7 #mgx
While I’m glad that all Microsoft employees will get one of the new Windows Phone 7 powered phones, I don’t understand how this aligns with Microsoft’s state philosophy of WP7. Although WP7 is built on top of Windows CE like previous Microsoft handheld and phone platforms, it abandoned 15 years of Handheld PC, Pocket PC, and Windows Mobile roots. The platforms that preceded became increasingly enterprise focused over the years. WP7, on the other hand, is focused primarily on the consumer market segment where the iPhone and Android phones have enjoyed recent success. In fact, the word is that the older Windows Mobile 6.5 platform will continue to ship on phones aimed at the enterprise market.
So, how does it make sense to encourage Microsoft’s own enterprise workforce. WP7 phones will not have copy and paste. It will not multitask apps outside of Microsoft’s own core apps. And, based on what I saw in February, it can’t display long email subject lines or sender names. This makes quick email scanning somewhat difficult. And, don’t forget that these employees won’t be able to take their Windows Mobile apps over to their new WP7 phones.
So, giving all 90K employees phones is an interesting gesture. But, does it make business (enterprise) sense?