Attention LA Theater Reviewers…Uh…Reviewer

We were trying to think of a more thankless job than reviewing LA theater. It’s stumped us most of the morning. We thought of tough jobs: waste collectors, bus drivers, loggers. But all of those came with a certain gratitude/paycheck/benefits. Then we thought of a Los Angeles weatherman for its pointlessness, but even they have a significant following. No, the lowest of the low has to be the LA theater critic, lower than that are the ones who aspire to the position.

To illustrate our point, here’s Craigslist:

Los Angeles Theater Review Writing Contest

Date: 2010-02-09, 5:45AM PST

Reply to:

Stage and Cinema ( is accepting submissions for our 2010 Los Angeles Theater Review Writing Contest.

First place is $20; second place is $15; third place is $10. Each winner will have his or her winning review published in Stage and Cinema and will receive press passes (for two) to review a Los Angeles play or musical. Honorable mentions will also have their entries published.

The entry does not need to be a currently running production, as long as it is a THEATER review (not film or television). Please no band or concert reviews.

Deadline for entries is midnight on Sunday, February 28. Winners will be announced on Sunday, March 7.

Minimum length is 500 words; maximum length is 2000 words. (Approximately 1-4 pages single-spaced or 2-8 pages double-spaced). No more than 2 entries per person.

Please email your review to with the subject heading “Theater Review Contest – LA.” Include your name, telephone number, and email address on the review. Send the review as both an attachment (MS Word, Rich Text or pdf) AND copy and paste the review into the body of the email message.

First they need new/more theater reviewers enough to launch a contest. Not only is LA theater notoriously bad and just a series of auditions to be on TV, the first place winner of a reviewing contest doesn’t get enough cash to cover admission. Brutal.