Attention J-Mart Shoppers: AJR Story on Politico Helps Rebrand Senior Political Scribe

If Politico was feeling down in the dumps this week, American Journalism Review seriously raised the publication’s morale, but specifically that of Senior Political Writer Jonathan Martin, who reached the pinnacle of nickname recognition.

Author Jodi Enda remarkably compared Martin’s nickname, “JMART”, to an unusual blend of JLO and Kmart: “Perhaps it was fitting that the tip about Herman Cain went to someone known as ‘J-Mart.’ After all, Politico prides itself on being fast, fresh and forward-looking, yet informal enough to appeal to a wide swath of Americans–the perfect perch for someone whose nickname blends the sexiness of JLo with the mass allure of Kmart.”

Enda also remarks that many reporters in Washington were reluctant to comment candidly for the story because someday they might need a job there.

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