Attention Freelancers, Your City Taxes Are Due March 1st

For those of you who are new to freelancing, say from the cratering of your industry, ironically not getting much coverage from your (ahem) industry, if you live in the city of Los Angeles you have to file for a tax registration certificate and it’s due in less than two weeks.

This wouldn’t be a big deal if the deadline is April 15th as nature intended. But in LA for businesses, including your high four figures you pulled in last year freelance editing, it’s March 1st.

There is an artists exemption for those of use making less than $300K a year. You have to smoke the City Council’s salary to pay taxes. Very generous of them. But the catch is, if you are freelancing in LA and delinquent the penalty is steep. And if you’re just getting your sea legs working with no net (and mixing your metaphors) it’ll seem cruel.

So go and find that piece of mail you’ve been ignoring.

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