Atta Boy!

The Chicago Tribune’s Mark Silva shows ’em how White House Pool Reports are supposed to read:

    Contrary to what was anticipicated in the pool report at take-off, we never saw Shrek II, but, having seen Pocahontas, I wish we had seen Shrek instead. The agents in the cabin ahead of us watched King Kong, a repeat on AF One also preferable to Pocahontas.

    We also saw that Harrison Ford film about his family getting kidnapped and Ford getting them back.

    Home country fare on the way out of the USA: We ate eggs and sausage patties and crepes stuffed with hot apples, with assorted fruit, walnuts and sweetened yogurt at breakfast. Home country fare on the way into Austria: For lunch, or dinner as the crew announced it, we ate veal schnizel, small boiled potatoes, thin slices of cooked carrot and some puffy pastry with apple inside. A schtroudel perhaps?