AT&T Wireless Trots out the Better Business Bureau to Defend its Honor, But…

Remember the Consumer Reports findings about cell phone carrier company customer satisfication earlier this week?

AT&T Rated Dead Last in Consumer Reports Survey. Another Surprise? Verizon Was NOT #1

AT&T doesn’t mention the Consumer Reports survey findings in this press release. But, it does appear to be a direct response to it.

AT&T Mobility Rated A+ Nationally On Average by Better Business Bureau

That seems like a reasonable counterpoint at first glance. However, I remembered watching an ABC News item about the Better Business Bureau last month that provides food for thought:

Consumer Watchdog Accused of Running ‘Pay for Play’ Scheme With Grading System (ABC News, Nov. 12, 2010)

The link above provides access to ABC News’ entire text report and several video segments related to the report.