AT&T Users Hit With Major Outage in New York

Mobile provider says problem due to a 'software upgrade'

AT&T customers in New York experienced a service outage this morning due to what the company says was a software upgrade. According to a customer service rep who spoke with NBC New York, the service problems began at around 1:30 a.m. Thursday.

When users tried to make a call, the caller received a display saying that the circuit or channel is not available, and there was no ring tone. If someone else tried to call the user, the calls went directly to voicemail.

An AT&T service representative told NBC that the problem appears to be restricted to phones within New York City.

Smartphones apparently weren’t affected to the same degree as their regular mobile phone counterparts. The smartphone users still had full texting and email service, according to one subscriber, but incoming and outgoing calls weren’t working properly.

Service was back up by the afternoon. In a statement, AT&T said, "Wireless voice service has been restored and is back to normal now after a software issue occurred during routine maintenance which caused some customers on Long Island and in parts of Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan to experience voice service disruptions this morning. We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers."

This is just one more problem for AT&T, which has been notorious for poor service, especially with the iPhone.