AT&T TerreStar Genus Cell/Satellite Phone with Touchscreen & Windows Mobile 6.5

TerreStar Genus
Image courtesy of AT&T

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is due out sometime this year. But, that’s not stopping new phones based on the current generation Windows Mobile 6.5 release from making their way into the light of day. Witness this unique hybrid cell phone and satellite phone from AT&T.

TerreStar Genus Dual-Mode Cellular/Satellite Smartphone Now Available from AT&T

Although it resembles old non-touch Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition models like the HTC Dash, the TerreStar Genus is has a touch-screen as well as a physical QWERTY thumb keyboard. The phone also has WiFi, Bluetooth and a camera.

This is not a phone most of us will actively seek out. But, if you really need to stay in wireless contact with the world, a combo cell and satellite phone may be something for you.