AT&T, T-Mobile & Verizon Giving NFC Mobile Payments a $100 Million Push

NFC (Near Field Communications) is sometimes hailed as the next big thing for mobile commerce. The typical scenario requires a consumer with a smartphone that has the hardare to work support NFC wireless data. This smartphone securely communications with a ticket dispensing machine, vending machine or some point of sale device to complete a transcation. Major U.S. mobile phone companies, credit card companies and Google have announced some kind of NFC mobile payment strategy in the past year. Bloomberg News reports that three of the big four U.S. mobile firms plan to invest heavily to get their joint venture, ISIS, up and running.

AT&T-Verizon-T Mobile Sets $100 Million for Google Fight: Tech

Google and Sprint have their own NFC based mobile payment strategies. Bloomberg reported that Juniper Research projects that 20% of smartphones will be NFC capable by 2014.

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