AT&T Rated Dead Last in Consumer Reports Survey. Another Surprise? Verizon Was NOT #1

After spotting this headline in the Houston Chronicle’s tech blog, I thought, “Surely, this must be a sensationalistic headline that exaggerates what Consumer Reports reported.”

Consumer Reports: AT&T is the worst carrier

However, this is NOT the case. Here’s Consumer Reports’ own blog headline:

Consumer Reports cell-service Ratings: AT&T is the worst carrier

Here’s the information in bullet points:

– 58,000 readers filled out satisfaction surveys
– AT&T was the only mobile carrier to drop significantly in overall satisfaction
– iPhone owners less satisfied than AT&T compared to smartphone owners on other carriers

The Chronicle’s Dwight Silverman notes that AT&T finished last for every city represented in Consumer Reports’ survey.

Another item to note is that regional mobile carrier U.S. Cellular topped Verizon Wireless as the overall top rated carrier.