AT&T Purchase Of T-Mobile Has Uncertain Impact On Simple Mobile

When Deutsche Telekom announced on Sunday that they plan to sell T-Mobile USA to AT&T, one immediately thought of the T-Mobile users who will be affected by the acquisition, but more than one million customers of Simple Mobile have the potential of also being affected. Simple Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), which basically means that the service they sell actually uses another carrier’s network, and Simple Mobile is one of the few MVNOs of T-Mobile.

Of the MVNOs, Simple Mobile is, in my opinion, near the top of the list because it provides nationwide voice and data service. Simple Mobile has simple rate plans, they have a $40 per month unlimited talk and text plan, a $50 per month unlimited talk and text plan with 100 MB of data, and a $60 per month unlimited talk, text, and data plan. All of the plans are no-contract and pre-paid.

Simple Mobile sells a few handsets, but for the most part they sell SIM cards that you can use with any GSM phone. Of course, if you intend to use their 3G data network you will need a phone that works on T-Mobile’s data network, and you can use their SIM with T-Mobile’s 4G network where it is available.

Last year when I got the HTC HD7 from T-Mobile I purchased a Simple Mobile SIM to use with my Nexus S, and I have been using it every month since. While I have the service automatically renewed each month, I could opt to not pay certain months and re-enable the service on other months. Because I carry phones that have both a T-Mobile and Simple Mobile SIM, it can easily compare the two, and I can say that the Simple Mobile service is not limited in any way. In fact, my Nexus S displays T-Mobile as the network it is connected to with the Simple Mobile SIM in the phone.

I have been very happy with Simple Mobile since I signed up with them and I would be sad to see them go away. While my particular situation makes it handy to have an extra SIM card, I think that Simple Mobile’s rate plans are pretty attractive. Simple Mobile is one of the few MVNOs to offer mobile broadband, h2o wireless is a MVNO of AT&T and they provide 1 GB of data per month for $50. Simple Mobile has not made any comment about the AT&T’s plans to acquire T-Mobile.