AT&T Outdoor WiFi Hot Zones: Good Idea. What Took So Long? (UPDATED)

AT&T’s 3G network has a lot of perceived and actual problems with its voice and 3G data networks. However, you rarely hear complaints about AT&T’s widespread network of WiFi hotspots (most notably in U.S. Starbucks stores). The Washington Post reports that AT&T is slowly expanding the availability of WiFi “hot zones” that provide access in outdoor public areas.

AT&T expands Wi-Fi zones in public spaces

This is a great way to move the heavy wireless data use attributed to its iPhone users and, presumably, the recent influx of data hungry Android phone users. These AT&T WiFi hot zones is not widely available yet. But, it is a good move on AT&T’s part to try to keep customers happy and perhaps retain them if and when the iPhone becomes available from Verizon.

UPDATE: Here’s the AT&T Wireless Press Release:
AT&T Launches Major Wi-Fi Initiative to Deploy More Hotzones in Key Markets