AT&T Mobile TV: Still Waiting…

AT&T has offered its Cellular Video service for a while now. But like most mobile solutions in the U.S., it’s streamed, not broadcast.


(A quick recap: streamed mobile TV is available on lots of handsets, but its video quality is mediocre and the carriers are reluctant to drop prices for fear of overloading their fragile 3G networks. Broadcast mobile TV looks fantastic and only requires the carrier to broadcast once to millions of handsets, rather than millions of individual streams to each user–but then everyone needs new handsets with TV tuners built in.)

RCR Wireless News posted a friendly reminder today that we’re all still waiting for AT&T to roll out its broadcast MediaFLO service, saying the latest word is that subscribers may have to wait another eight weeks. The article said it’s widely expected the carrier will pull out all the stops to release it in time for CTIA, the mobile industry’s biggest wireless conference, in early April.