AT&T Mobile TV Launching May 4

It looks like those rumors about AT&T’s MediaFLO mobile TV service finally going live next month are true. According to The Boy Genius Report, at least.

FloTV_414.JPGCiting “an anonymous source inside AT&T,” the blog says that the MediaFLO-based service will go live on May 4 under the AT&T Mobile TV brand. It also gave out some pricing and package info.

The $13-a-month “Limited” package with four channels (Fox, CBS, NBC and NBC News) and the $15-a-month “Basic” plan, which adds Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, CNN and ESPN to the limited package, are pretty much the same as Verizon Wireless’s version of the service. Where AT&T Mobile TV differs from V CAST Mobile TV is with Mobile TV Plus, which includes the nine basic channels plus the AT&T exclusive Sony Pictures channel, for $30 a month.