AT&T Mobile Queue: $280 Android eBook/Tablet, Garmin Tracker (Dogs, Backpacks, etc.), & More

AT&T has an interesting array of mobile products lined up to try to fill the expected slow down in new subscriber growth as Verizon siphons away potential new customers.

AT&T Adds Nearly 2 Million Emerging Device Connections in 4Q; Approaches 11 Million Total Devices Mark

1. Glowcaps: Intelligent medication pill container caps discussed here on Jan. 5.

2. Pandigital Novel eReader: 9-inch color ebook reader & Android tablet. Books will be available through Barnes & Noble. It will be aggressively priced at $280.

3. Garmin GTU 10: Waterproof GPS tracking device that can be attached to backpacks, dog collars, and other objects that need to be tracked. Its $200 price includes one year of tracking.

4. BMW Assist: Safety and infotainment services for future BMW cars.