AT&T Launches Bandwidth Cap

Customer_Service_Clipart.jpgThis isn’t strictly mobile related but it’s still important: it looks like AT&T has decided to follow in Comcast’s footsteps and quietly launched a bandwidth cap trial for its customers in Reno, Nev., a few months after its rival announced its own bandwidth limit, ChannelWeb reports.

“As of Nov. 1, new AT&T High Speed Internet customers in Reno will receive a bandwidth usage amount ranging from between 20 GB and 150 GB per month, depending on their broadband speed tier, the company announced. Sometime later this year, existing AT&T High Speed Internet customers in Reno will become a part of the trial if their monthly usage exceeds 150 GB in one month, and will be capped at that level, the company said.”

We’ve been keeping an eye on these bandwidth limits because they seem to validate the wireless carriers’ own, far-more-restrictive (5GB/month) limits on cell phone mobile media data plans, which is clearly a bad thing for wireless customers. This marks the first announcement from a company that also has its own wireless division (AT&T Wireless).

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