AT&T iPhone 4 Mobile Hotspot Means Giving Up Unlimited 3G for Some. Is it Worth It? It Might be for Some People

Apple’s iOS 4.3 upgrade yesterday gave AT&T’s iPhone the ability to be a mobile hotspot for WiFi enabled devices like notebooks, netbooks, and even Apple’s own WiFi-only iPad. However, you can’t get something for nothing. And, if you currently are grandfathered into AT&T’s unlimited 3G data plan, you will defiitely lose something by adding a hotspot plan to an iPhone 4. AT&T’s own support forums provides an interesting discussion on this topic.
Hot Spot Wifi, not for unlimited.
Here’s how it works:
– AT&T customers who upgraded from a previous iPhone device to the iPhone 4 last summer were grandfathered in to the $30 per month unlimited 3G data plan. New customers automatically were placed in the $25 per month plan that provides 2GB of 3G data per billing cycle.
– AT&T customers currently on the $30 per month unlimited 3G plan will be switched to the $25 per month 2GB data plan. The hotspot option provides an additional 2GB of data per month. This means an iPhone 4 user would pay $45 a month for a total of 4GB of 3G data.
– AT&T provides iPhone 4 users access to their nationwide WiFi hotspot service. So, the 4GB limit may not be a showstopper if you are in areas which have AT&T hotspots.