AT&T FamilyMap App for iPhone vs. Google Latitude? Why Pay $14.95 Per Month?

AT&T’s FamilyMap service lets you find the geographic location of 2 ($9.95/month) to 5 ($14.95/month) family members (or presumbly any group who chooses to affiliate themselves as a group for this plan). AT&T recently announced a free iPhone app that works with this plan…

AT&T FamilyMap App Launches on App Store

AT&T FamilyMap 1.0 (iTunes App Store)

The app and service provides the following features:

– Interactive map
– Assign name & photo to each account
– Schedule checks
– List of landmarks
– Map panning
– On-demand locating
– Messaging

You can find more information about the service here…

Here’s my question about this service: Why pay $119.40 (2 people) or $179.40 (up to 5 people) per year instead of using the free…

Google Latitude

My understanding is that Apple didn’t let Google update Google Maps for iPhone to support Latitude. However, the service works fine as a web service in the browser. Just point your browser at and select the Latitude option from the pull-down menu. Latitude offers a number of benefits over AT&T’s FamilyMap.

Google Latitude:

– Works with more than 5 people
– Works with people on different carriers
– Works on desktop and notebook/netbook computers too
– Is free