AT & T Fixes Facebook Mobile Glitch

-ATT Fail Icon-It appears that the AT & T team has learned some quick lessons from the flak they drew for the network security glitch which had resulted in Facebook access problems with users being logged into the wrong accounts.

An email statement issued by AT&T spokesman Michael Coe said, “In a limited number of instances, a server software connectivity error resulted in some AT&T wireless customers being logged in to the wrong Facebook account when they accessed Facebook through their mobile phones”.

The statement also said that AT&T has taken stringent steps to ensure strengthened security and avoid future instances of such problems. Mr. Coe mentioned that with Facebook’s support the AT & T team has disabled subscriber identification information as an option for automatic log-on.

A separate case where the bugs were reported due to a misdirected cookie in the user’s cellphone has also been resolved. From now onwards, Facebook will only accept full user-information or cookies placed by Facebook on AT & T wireless devices.

While the AT & T team needs to be given due credit for fixing this problem in quick time, we also hope that they continue to work on strong security measures and ensure that future occurrences of such glitches are avoided.