AT&T Eyeballing Smaller Wireless Companies

Because there hasn’t been enough weirdness in wireless news, it’s being reported that analysts predict Leap and Metro PCS may be taken over by one of the monolithic carriers.

Businessweek says AT&T and T-Mobile USA are eyeing the smaller pay-as-you-go wireless companies because the AT&T/T-Mobile merger fell through this month amid antitrust problems. also writes that the deal would be more likely to get approval. Metro PCS, based in Texas, has 9 million subscribers and Leap, 5.7 million. T-Mobile, by comparison, is the fourth-largest wireless carrier in the U.S., with 33 million subscribers.

This sounds good for any poor soul who is with Metro PCS, which has seen an exodus of subscribers due to its slower network.

The only down side may be random “convenience fees” or creative taxation here and there in one’s wireless bill, as AT&T customers may be familiar with. But the news speaks to the growing importance of wireless and mobile communications where speed is critical. One of our recent guest posts took a closer look at mobile and the PR opportunities available. Check that out here.