AT&T Coverage and Data Speed Improvement? It Can’t Happen Soon Enough

When I read this title over on Gearlog…

AT&T: iPhone Coverage Getting Better, Faster Soon

…I basically rolled my eyes and head upward. Not because of Gearlog, of course, but because AT&T’s promise. See the “No Service” status on my iPhone in the screenshot above? It appears far too frequently for me. In fact, I carry a phone with T-Mobile service as my primary phone because of not having AT&T service in certain areas where T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon phones all seem to get decent service. By the way, don’t blame the iPhone for this problem. I’ve also tested it with a Windows Mobile Samsung Blackjack II and other phones with an AT&T SIM over the years.

My coverage issues aside, Gearlog explains AT&T’s dropped call problem as being attributed to their 1900MHz frequency being saturated by calls. AT&T’s fix is to bring the older 850MHz frequency back into use. I’ll let you all know when I stop seeing or, at least, see “No Service” less frequently than I do now. But, I’m not expecting to see this change anytime soon.