AT&T Contract-less 3G DataConnect Pass Plans Expensive with Low Data Limits

I like this recent trend of U.S. wireless carriers offering options for contract-less data services. It first started with the ill-fated $30 per month unlimited 3G wireless data for the iPad. AT&T’s 3G iPad service still does not require a multi-year contract although its 2GB per month for $25 is a lot less attractive than the original plan.

AT&T announced this week that their DataConnect Pass is a contract-less 3G data service for supported netbooks from Acer and Dell.

AT&T Introduces Computing Devices Equipped with Pay-As-You Go Data Service

Unfortunately, the plans are probably not going to be very attractive to gadget fans.

– Day Pass, 100MB, $15
– Week Pass, 300MB, $30
– Month Pass, 1GB, $50

Most contract plans provide 5GB data for $60 per month. The new Virgin Mobile no-contract 3G plan for a MiFi type device is $40 per month as needed.

AT&T’s plan is aimed at people who have light email and web browsing needs. It would not be a good idea to, for example, download audio podcasts or watch streaming data with the download limits on these plans.