AT&T Claims Twice as Many Smartphone Users as Any Other Carrier: No Mention of iPhone

This AT&T press release…

AT&T Leads the U.S. in Smartphones and Integrated Devices


AT&T today announced that, based on independent market research, twice as many smartphone users have chosen AT&T over any other U.S. carrier. The combination of the nation’s fastest 3G network and nearly 20,000 U.S. Wi-Fi hotspots offers Internet access across the U.S. for AT&T’s industry-leading lineup of iconic devices, including BlackBerry Bold and Nokia E71x.

Sure, vendor sponsored independent studies are always suspect. But, AT&T does have a good selection of smartphone models. And, the selection is, generally speaking, a bit broader than other carriers.

I found it interesting that while they mention BlackBerry, Nokia (Symbian) and Windows Mobile, the press release never mentions or even hints at the iPhone. I’d be surprised if AT&T’s smartphone market leadership numbers aren’t in part due to their iPhone sales. But, if that 2-to-1 smartphone market lead doesn’t count the iPhone, I’m even more impressed.