AT&T Buys Broadcast Mobile TV Spectrum from Aloha

AT&T bulked up its wireless division Tuesday by purchasing a huge swath of wireless spectrum from Aloha Partners for $2.5 billion, according to blogger Dan Frommer on Silicon Alley Insider.

“But does it also signal that companies are losing their appetite to invest in mobile TV?” Frommer wrote. “According to the Wall Street Journal, Aloha Partners’ Hiwire division ‘had expressed plans to launch a nationwide mobile TV service once it struck a deal with a major partner in the wireless, cable or Internet space’ and was running a test network with T-Mobile in Las Vegas.”

Frommer pointed out that Aloha is the second mobile TV outfit to sell off its spectrum in recent months. As we previously reported, Crown Castle International scrapped its plans for Modeo, a startup mobile TV provider that had run test trials in New York City.

As AT&T Bulks Up On Spectrum, Another Mobile TV Plan Fizzles [Silicon Alley Insider]