AT&T, BlackBerry Put You In The Action With Facebook Connect Movie Trailer

AT&T is promoting the new BlackBerry Bold 9700 with a Facebook Connect integration that pulls personal info and photos into a movie trailer for a fictional suspense/action flick called “One Step Ahead.” The film clip is very similar to some recent Connect applications that try to make a connection with users by placing their profile information within videos. The “One Step Ahead” trailer is also being cross-promoted through a series of high-profile television spots, including a few during last night’s Monday Night Football game.

Logging in to the application through Connect puts users in the story as a shadowy main character who is using the new BlackBerry Bold 9700 to elude a team of pursuers that is always one step behind. Your profile photo is seen several times in the high-tech war room being used to track the Bold owner, and the character is even seen sending a text to one of your Facebook friends.

We’ve seen Connect used to pull personal info from Facebook profiles to promote products and events through movies several times in the past, from brands like Doritos, The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week and ABC’s FlashForward. This latest example from AT&T doesn’t really offer anything conceptually new, but it’s the first time the cellular provider has used this sort of Connect integration to promote one of its products.

There’s an option to buy the phone through links to AT&T’s wireless store from the “One Step Ahead” site, as well as a breakdown of the new smartphone’s features and several user reviews. There are not, however, links to any sort of product page or brand page for AT&T or BlackBerry on Facebook. Users can share their video in news feeds and through the usual collection of other social networks, but there isn’t an easy route back to any sort of brand presence on Facebook for further information.

AT&T could have done much better with this promotion, as they have a fairly active user presence on their brand page that could give interested consumers a chance to discuss the new BlackBerry and drum up a little more interest and buzz. There’s also a lack of any sort of link or information on the “One Step Ahead” promotion on the AT&T Facebook page, which would also have helped cross promote both the integration and the new Bold 9700. The BlackBerry Facebook page does have information on the new smartphone, but there is no mention of the new Connect promotion.

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