AT&T Advice and Instructions for Dealing with Text Message Spam

A couple of spam text messages hit my iPhone recently. So, I tweeted a question to AT&T Wireless’s Customer Care Twitter account to learn what advice they might offer. You can see the response in the screenshot above. AT&T’s advice to use the word STOP to block messages is, it turns out, specifically to deal with messages from Short Code numbers. However, AT&T provides ways to deal with other kind of text message spam on this web support page.

How do I block spam text messages on my wireless phone?

AT&T’s text message spam controls includes the following options in addition to responding with “STOP”.

– Blocked lists can be set up for in a AT&T account’s Messsage Preferences.
– An accounts Mobile Number Control setting can be configured to only accept text messages send to an email address.
– There is a $4.99 per month AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless service that block incoming and outgoing text messages for up to 30 phone numbers, set limits for the number of text messages in a billing cycle and restrict access to inappropriate content with content filters (“nanny” function for children’s accounts).
– Forward text messages spam to AT&T’s own short code number “7726” (“SPAM”). Messages forwarded to 7726 are not counted againsts an account’s text message limit.

Most of the text messages spam I received this year can near the end of the month. So, we’ll see how effective these techniques are in the next few weeks.