Atoosa Buys,

atoosa_inc_fine.jpgWhen Jane folded earlier this month, there was one person we forgot to check in with: Atoosa. Not to worry: Atoosa checked in with Atoosa on Jane for her column, purring about how Jane Pratt and her eponymous magazine’s a legion of Alpha Kitties (“I wanted what she had”) and how Condé Nast ownership made a fatal error (“It was naive to replace such a personality-centric magazine’s editor (Jane) with someone so different (Brandon) and expect the audience to keep coming over to visit. You don’t visit your friend’s house once she moves, no matter how nice the new people who live there are.”)

Most interesting, though, is Atoosa’s parting gift, buried in the 18th paragraph:

As a thank you for all that she’s done for me from afar, and to encourage her to keep being there for us, I’ve bought her a present: and Jane, I know it’s not an expensive gift. But since there’s only one of each in the whole wide Web, I couldn’t believe they were actually available, and I just couldn’t resist. I’d love for you to use them. Your fans have been waiting to hear from you for a very long time. Most of us don’t listen to satellite radio, but we still want to hang out with you. Won’t you be our neighbor?

In other words, Jane, Atoosa thinks you are a “kept woman” and wants to set the “Alpha Kitty” in you free


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