Atomic Web Browser for iPad: Can't Edit Google Docs Documents But Still Gets a Mobile Thumbs Up

Google Docs document (word processing) files cannot be edited using Safari, Opera Mini on the iPad. My hope was that the 99 cent
Atomic Web Browser
and its “Identify As” feature would let me edit Google Docs documents by setting the browser to ID itself as Firefox or some other desktop browser. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Google Docs documents appear in the screen. However, no cursor is visible and there does not appear to be a way to actually interact with and edit the document on the screen.
Despite this disappointment, the Atomic Web Browser itself looks like a good alternative web browser for my iPad. Having tabs running across the top of the screen to ID open browser windows is a great feature for those of us who tend to have multiple web pages open. The multi-gesture support to switch between tabs or close browser windows is a winning idea too. So, although I’m still in search of a way to edit Google Docs documents on my iPad, Atomic Web Browser gets a thumbs up for its other features.