Facebook Uses Atlas to Analyze Messenger Campaign

Talk about corporate synergy: Facebook used its Atlas ad platform to analyze its recent campaign backing its Messenger application

MessengerSayOMGBetterTalk about corporate synergy: Facebook used its Atlas ad platform to analyze its recent campaign backing its Messenger application.

Facebook specifically tapped Atlas to look into how successful its campaign for Messenger was at reaching people aged 18 through 49 with ads that were served in apps outside of Facebook.

Atlas insights head James Dailey shared the results in a blog post:

Using people-based measurement, Atlas discovered that the Messenger campaign, which ran in two U.S. test markets in late 2014, served over 80 million impressions and reached 18.5 million people. More than two-thirds of the reached audience and 62 percent of impressions were delivered to people in the target audience. On average, online demographic targeting using cookies alone, instead of people-based measurement, is only 59 percent accurate.

A key goal of the Messenger campaign was to increase usage of the app. To be successful, though, the intended audience must be the one who actually views the impressions — otherwise those impressions, and the ad dollars, are wasted. Atlas measured the on-target age delivery by publisher for each of the campaign’s components and found that not all publishers delivered positive results. In one example, a publisher achieved respectable on-target reach, but only 20 percent of the media was served to the intended audience. This means that while they did deliver impressions to the right audience, the publisher delivered multiple impressions to the off-target audience 80 percent of the time. These types of insights give marketers like Messenger the ability to make better allocation decisions at the publisher level in order reach the right person with the right message.

While Messenger used Atlas to help it understand the mobile components of its campaign and give it insights to guide future decisions, it’s also important to call out that Atlas partnered with Celtra, a creative, analytics and optimization platform for display advertising, which helped to deliver an impactful campaign with weather-specific, location-based dynamic messaging. Atlas is committed to delivering real results to marketers like Messenger, and partnering with best-of-breed solutions like Celtra allows us to do just that.