Atlantic’s Global Channel Welcomes Familiar Face

Bob Cohn, editor of Atlantic Digital,  announced today that Uri Friedman, deputy managing editor at Foreign Policy, will rejoin the staff and taking the reins as editor of Atlantic’s Global channel. Global’s current editor,  Olga Khazan, will be moving to a writing role and Moisés Naím has been named contributing editor and will write for the Global channel.

For a look at the internal memo, follow the jump.

The memo…

Uri started here at the Watergate in 2008 as a charter member of the Innovation Center, David Bradley’s skunkworks to invent new digital properties. (Among other standouts on that team who are still with us: Derek Thompson, Graeme Wood, Eleanor Barkhorn, and Heather Horn.) At the Innovation Center, Uri worked on the concept that became The Atlantic Wire and then moved over to National Journal, where he did corporate strategy and new product development during its 2010 reorganization. He returned to the Wire to cover international affairs during 2010 and 2011 before setting off for Foreign Policy

At FP, Uri has helped run the website and edited its staff blog, Passport. At The Atlantic, he’ll oversee the Global channel, where he’ll be responsible for a mix of writing, commissioning, editing, and general management of our international coverage. Olga Khazan, the talented editor of global who’s shown an uncanny knack for finding and writing smart and popular posts, will move to a writing role, principally on the Health and Sexes channels.