Atlantic Cover Story is a Record Breaker

The Atlantic‘s latest cover story by 53-year-old former State Department Official Anne-Marie Slaughter, “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” has been wildly popular since going online last Wednesday night – record-breaking, in fact.

So how come reading about women isn’t as intriguing as reading about cats?

More than 775,000 people have read the piece, says data from Omniture, making it their most popular magazine story over a five-day period and putting in on track to easily become the most-read magazine story ever on our site. Other numbers: 126,000 FB likes and counting, the most-like magazine piece ever (by far); 1,525 comments on and counting.

While Slaughter’s is, so far, the second most read story, the first is shockingly this one: “How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy.” But with current readership levels, assures the publicist Natalie Raabe, Slaughter’s piece is on-track to beat the cat story.

For cats everywhere, and Buzzfeed, our condolences.