Athletes, Musicians, TV and Shoes on This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Pages

A couple athletes, a handful of musicians, two shoe companies and a few television shows, plus list regulars made up this week’s Top 20 Facebook Pages. Zynga’s Mafia Wars continues its domination of the number 1 spot with almost 10 million fans, but its partner in crime for the past few weeks, Texas Hold’em Poker, disappeared from the list this week.

Top Gainers This Week
Name Fans Gain Gain, %
1.Mafia Wars9,891,127+364,698+3.83
2.Ricardo Kakà1,165,322+343,654+41.82
4.Justin Bieber2,052,557+125,802+6.53
6.Selena Gomez3,797,516+115,649+3.14
7.Megan Fox6,150,914+109,452+1.81
9.Lady Gaga5,566,682+105,651+1.93
12.Michael Jackson11,220,110+92,391+0.83
13.Lil Wayne3,306,267+88,310+2.74
14.The X Factor1,012,492+86,609+9.35
15.Cristiano Ronaldo3,611,756+84,537+2.40
16.Taylor Swift3,431,201+76,443+2.28
17.Victoria’s Secret2,935,646+74,875+2.62
18.The Twilight Saga5,183,477+68,185+1.33
20.Dr. House4,975,383+65,841+1.34

Two soccer (football) players for Real Madrid C.F. were on the list this week. Brazilian player Ricardo Kaká at number 2 with over 1 million fans and heartthrob Cristiano Ronaldo at number 15 with 3.6 million fans. Although both are fairly popular on Facebook, their rankings this week were helped by consolidations of 63,000 last week for Ronaldo (his page only grew by 84,500 so most of it was attributable to those spikes) and 229,000 on Wednesday for Kaká.

Next were the shoes. Vans, the shoe brand popular with skateboarders, seems to have landed at number 5 almost entirely due to what appears to be a page consolidation on Sunday of almost 123,000 (their total growth this week was 124,530), a large part of their fan base, given the Page has just 559,000 fans. Converse was also on the list again this week at number 3; the iconic shoe company grew by almost 111,000 fans Wednesday, but also recently launched a line of shoes featuring designs from the 1980s band Blondie.

Musicians took up another chunk of the list, with teen crooner Justin Bieber fourth with 2 million-plus fans; he’s been promoting a new single and  upcoming album. Another teenage musician, Selena Gomez, landed at number 6, partly due to growth of 90,000 fans over two days likely due to page consolidations, given her page grew by 115,649 last week. But, Gomez also told her 3.8 million fans this week that her latest album went gold, meaning it sold 500,000 copies.

Rapper Lil Wayne took the number 13 spot this week with more than 3 million fans.  Perhaps Lil Wayne’s popularity grew in response to his sentencing hearing scheduled for last week on a weapons charge, but it was delayed due to a fire and he was able to enjoy a few extra days of freedom. Finally, singer Taylor Swift was sixteenth on the list this week; she currently has more than 3 million fans, is on a U.S. tour and the official Taylor Swift iPhone application launched last week.

List regulars this week included seventh place Megan Fox with more than 6 million fans now, Starbucks in eighth place also with over 6 million fans and Lady Gaga at number 9, trailing slightly with about 5.5 million fans, the songstress is currently on tour and has been promoting her new single/video “Telephone” on Facebook with exclusive stills and updates. Facebook’s fan Page landed tenth and Michael Jackson continues to hang out on the list, currently with more than 11 million fans, at number 12 this week.