Aterica Announces Veta Smart Case and App for Severe Allergy Sufferers

Veta Smart CaseDigital health company Aterica has announced Veta, its upcoming smart case and mobile app for severe allergy sufferers, or those who must carry an epinephrine auto-injector with them through their daily lives. The Veta smart case replaces the stock case of an EpiPen, and introduces digital support features to users, including location tracking, so users never accidentally leave their injectors at home, or anywhere else.

The Veta smart case will come in two colors (to match a user’s dosage), and features a flashing light and audio pings to help users locate a misplaced device. The Veta app will run on iOS and Android devices, and connects to the Veta smart case via Bluetooth. The app itself also remembers the last known location of the injector, so users can find their smart case even when across town (or farther away).

A wireless signal between the connected device and Veta smart case will alert users when they’ve left the proximity of their injector. This includes notifications to the connected user, and those in their private support network. For instance, if a young child accidentally leaves their Veta at school, the parents (or other members of their network) would be notified and can take action.

For additional functionality, the case includes temperature sensors that alert users when the epinephrine is at risk of becoming too hot or too cold. When users need to use their injector due to an anaphylaxis event, the removal of the case’s cap triggers an emergency signal to everyone in the user’s private network.

This alert can also be sent to people in a customizable extended support circle (like a school teacher, coach or medical personnel). After a few minutes, the system will check in with users to ensure they have successfully activated their injector and are now safe. If a response isn’t received, the system will provide a loud verbal warning, alerting bystanders to the medical emergency. When traveling, this warning can be customized to broadcast in a second language.

The Veta smart case will launch in Fall 2015, and is currently available for pre-order on Aterica’s website for $59.

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