At Viacom, no shades of gray around Grey

An interesting PR campaign today unfurls via the Los Angeles Times on behalf of Paramount chairman Brad Grey.

Sumner Redstone
, capo supremo of Viacom, threw his full support behind Grey – perhaps as move to counter rumors that Stacey Snider‘s arrival at DreamWorks was an insurance policy against Grey’s possible envelopment into l’affaire de Pelican.:

“I have the utmost faith in the integrity of Brad Grey,” Redstone said, acknowledging that in making such a blanket endorsement, “I’m going out on a limb here. We have investigated this to the fullest. But can anybody be certain of anything but life and death?” He added that, for Grey, “it can’t be pleasant to run the studio under these circumstances. But it has not materially interfered with his running the studio.”

Running and reviving are, of course two different things. Plenty of Wall Street types are concerned the distractions Grey will be at pains to revive the studio – something looking more and more like a Mission: Impossible thanks to Tony the P.I.

Meanwhile, the previously augured departure of Century City attorney Howard Weitzman (or as Nikki Finke likes to call him, the Rat) has come true.