At the Armory Show, a Whiff of Amnesia

“Can I help you forget something today?” asks Minda Glynn at the Armory Show booth of Reed Seifer Design. (Photos: UnBeige)

In the bustling aisles of the Armory Show, the art fair that runs through Sunday at New York City’s Piers 92 and 94, it’s easy to forget the [stage whisper] recession. Is there something in the air? Yes. It’s Spray to Forget, the aromatherapeutical concotion of Reed Seifer, who masterminded the smart graphic design for this year’s fair and has his own small booth (L22) alongside organizational exhibitors such as the New Museum and the Art Production Fund. The sole item on offer at Siefer’s booth, ably staffed when we visited by the peppy Minda Glynn, is a two-ounce spritzer of consciousness-editing liquid. “Spray to Forget acts as a conceptual sideways-elevator, nudging the unconscious to release a difficult memory and replace it with a more appealing one, or to create a new memory through experience,” notes Seifer. “It also happens to smell quite good.” We found the $25 blend of crystal-steeped essential oils uplifting, almost enough to make us forget that David Zwirner doesn’t offer layaway. Can’t make it to the Armory Show? Go purchase one of the 500 limited-edition bottles at Seifer’s website. Remember to shake well before spraying.