At Least the L.A. Times Takes TMZ Seriously

Admitting that you were beaten on a story is one thing, but going out of your way to salute your “rival” is a nice touch. The Los Angeles Times published a story Friday not only giving TMZ credit for being the first to report Michael Jackson’s death, but also poking fun at news channels, including TMZ corporate cousin CNN, for refusing to confirm the story until it was reported by a more “reputable” source, such as, the Los Angeles Times.

“With the death of pop star Michael Jackson, TMZ gave the most potent demonstration yet of its ability to stir the pot of entertainment news,” the Times wrote. “The gossip site once again left TV networks and other traditional media outlets scrambling in its wake, even as they attempted to distance themselves from a source widely regarded as salacious, if not disreputable.”

CNN and TMZ are both owned by Time Warner.

TMZ managing editor Harvey Levin told the Times, “No matter what they say, people know we broke the story. That’s how competitors handle it. There’s no issue about our credibility.”