At Home with Prince


Do you want to take a tour of Prince‘s house? Of course you do. Even if you don’t like the purple man’s music, you wouldn’t have a pulse if you’d responded otherwise. So now that we have that settled, we present you with Claire Hoffman‘s tour of the home of the formerly-known-as artist in the New Yorker. Is it as insane as you’ve likely been led to believe? Well, no, not really. At least not in the places Hoffmann is allowed to enter. There’s some Prince trinkets here and there, but overall, it comes across as somewhat fairly traditional-new-age (which is also know as just “traditional” in Los Angeles, where Prince now lives). But if you were so inclined, as we were, there are lots of little lines therein that make for fantastic mental images, like the description of his traveling from room to room (“Limping slightly” and “sidling up to the counter”), or that he’s eating carrot soup at the end of the piece, or that the home was built by Vanna White‘s ex-husband. Do any of these things mean anything? Of course not. But add Prince to anything and it immediately become eccentric and fun, to us anyway. Well, except for the part about being anti-gay.