At Home with Hadid


Every day it’s Zaha this and Zaha that, largely because we believe Zaha Hadid to be some sort of super productive robot from the future who doesn’t need any of our silly human sleep. But maybe we’ve either been wrong about our hypothesis all along or she just invested in a new robot publicist, as this piece in the Times yesterday, “Inside Zaha Hadid’s East London Apartment” takes a look at the starchitect at home and how arguably one of the biggest names in architecture and design at the moment likes to decorate. Strangely, while it’s a great piece with lots of interesting detail, not a single photo is included (at least online), which is sort of a let down. But maybe that adds a little bit to our conspiracy, because when they say “her East London apartment” maybe they’re talking about the East London in space, where robots come from. Anyway, here’s a bit:

The use of glass and transparent materials also features in Hadid’s buildings, but her own collection of glass objects is unexpectedly colourful. Arranged on top of a clear glass table and on the floor around it is an array of Fifties and Sixties Italian, Scandinavian and Bohemian glass. “I used to go to Church Street in West London to search for them; some are presents from friends,” she says. The vibrant, erratically shaped bowls and vases have something in common with her buildings in that their flowing arcs and organic shapes allow the onlooker to look through as well as around them.