At a Glance: Today’s Front Pages

A look at what made some of today’s front pages.

The cover of Charlotte’s local paper, the Charlotte Observer, is naturally dominated by Democratic Convention coverage today. First and foremost, a large photograph of Clinton and Obama standing side by side. There are only two stories on the front page: One about former president Bill Clinton‘s speech; the other about what delegates are expecting from President Obama‘s speech tonight. The Observer has partnered with Politico for the week so there’s a box headlined “Politico” toward the bottom left, directing readers  to stories published by Rosslyn-based pub inside.

Perhaps feeling a little sentimental, the NYT‘s main front page art was a picture of Clinton and Obama in a full embrace from last night. Two of the top stories are about Clinton’s speech. Also above the fold, a story about new discoveries on DNA. Below the fold is a piece about more men becoming avid clothes shoppers. At bottom right, a large and inviting advertisement for Johnny Walker whiskey.

There’s not a single story on the front page of the LA Times about Clinton’s speech. That may have to do with the paper being printed on West Coast time. The lone convention piece covers a last-minute change of venue for Obama’s speech. That story, discussed on news programs yesterday, was absent from the front pages of other national newspapers. The dominant photograph on the LA Times‘ front page is of a bomb squad member — there was a  bomb threat in East L.A. Like the NYT‘s front page, the DNA story runs down the right column. The two featured stories concern NFL players having a greater risk of mental illness and tax credits helping the local economy.

WaPo’s center front photo was Clinton taking the stage. Like the NYT, there are two stories on his speech. A story on Sec. of State Hillary Clinton‘s recent trip to China ran down the left. Below that, a story about a Falls Church woman who was bitten by a rabid beaver (holy sh*t!). The DNA story that appeared in the NYT and LAT was also on the front page, but below the fold at the bottom right.

A large photograph of Clinton but no a ccompanying story was featured above the fold on TWT‘s front page. A story from last night, absent from other national papers, made TWT‘s front page: An illegal immigrant who spoke on stage at the DNC. Two more convention-related stories appeared above the fold: One about campaigns targeting voters through entertainment TV; the other about kinks in the Democratic Party platform. Like WaPo, the rabid-beaver story was featured at the bottom left.

Readers of the New York Post would never know there was a major party convention happening from looking at the front page. They wouldn’t even know there’s a presidential election going on. Of the two stories highlighted on the front page, one was about the Cowboys-Giants football game; the other wasn’t so much a story as a startling surveillance photo of a man held at gunpoint in the Bronx. Headline: “Moment of Murder– Horror in the Bronx.”