Asus Eee Note: Retro Grayscale Stylus Input Tablet – Kind of Appeals to me For Some Reason

The Asus Eee Note EA800 is “retro” in so many ways.

– Monochrome (grayscale?) display
– Stylus driven touch screen
– Linux based (not Android)

And, yet it has a number of appealing aspects too.

– 8-inch display (not too big and not too small)
– 1024×768 pixel resolution
– Readable in bright sunlight (like the Kindle and unlike the iPad)
– Built-in camera
– Built-in voice recorder
– WiFi (no need for 3G carrier since 3G is not mentioned)
– Micro SD slot for storage expansion
– USB port
– 13.5 hour battery (less than the Kindle, much less, but more than the iPad)
– Built-in Evernote support. Hello? Evernote support? That alone might sell me on the Eee Note.
– $228 suggested retail price in Taiwan

The specs and price looks good to me. I’d consider buying one if it has a decent web browser and email client.

Via ComputerWorld: Asustek unveils low-cost Eee Note e-reader, notepad