Associated Press Testing App Subscription Waters with Their BlackBerry News Apps

Image courtesy of AP News
AP News is testing the app subscription waters with news apps for the BlackBerry. Their AP News for BlackBerry app will be priced at $2.99 for a one-year license. Their Canadian Press Mobile for BlackBerry app (available in English or French language versions) will be priced at $3.69 CDN for a one-year license. These prices are said to be “introductory prices”. So, you may see price fluctuation after the first year of the subscription.
The prices seem very reasonable for a one-year subscription. And, AP’s well-known brand brings credibility to both the app and its news content. The question remains whether the net-population is willing to pay even such a small reasonable amount for news that is still mostly free on the web (both desktop and mobile screen types).
The folding of numerous small and large newspapers in the U.S. this year creates a news void in those locations. The question, I believe, is whether a national/worldwide service such as AP News will be able to fill that void with this kind of subscription mobile app. I believe that the local and hyper-local news component will be the key to whether people will be willing to pay for online mobile news.