Associated Press Embraces Social Media For 2010 Winter Olympics

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics ends Sun Feb 28th, but if you’ve missed the televised events, you can keep up on results, photos and video clips through social media. One such source is The Associated Press, who has covered every Summer and Winter Olympic Games since the revival in 1896. They’re offering premium multimedia coverage, through local media partnerships, of special events through a new venture that includes social media channels.

Their first offering is their new site, AP Winter Games. The site includes results of sporting events from the 2010 Winter Olympics, pics of athletes, video clips and of course medal counts. If you want to share content, there’s a sharing widget that supports numerous social sites including Facebook. If you prefer Twitter as your Olympics events medium, AP journalists are tweeting results and commentary. If you’re on Facebook, check the AP Winter Games Fan page, which provides a lot of the same information as the AP Winter Games website — in convenient tabbed format. (Though the “Photos” tab is woefully lacking, with just one Wall photo and two profile pics.)

The site itself has a daily news video, Beyond the Medal, hosted by snowboarder Jesse Csincsak and AP reporter Lila Ibrahim, and “showing the lighter side of the Games,” including such tidbits as the best pizza in Vancouver. An example is the whale watching video shown below – a common activity of visitors to the province of British Columbia.

whale watching off the coast of British Columbia

Our PR connection with AP indicates that other sporting events and major elections will be similarly covered, with premium website content and social media presence.