AP’s Christy Lemire Wraps Things Up With The Hangover Part III

Christy Lemire isn’t alone as a top critic defending The Hangover Part III. She has the company of John Anderson (Wall Street Journal), Joe Neumaier (New York Daily News) and a few others.

But given that Lemire felt The Hangover Part II was the worst film of 2011, her cheering of the third installment in her final AP film review and on TYT Network show What the Flick?! is almost as surprising as her exit from the wire service right after colleague David Germain. (Lemire’s last day was Friday; Germain clocked out May 17.)

In a bit of ironic timing for AP, Lemire popped up on the Web at 3:30 p.m. during her final day in Jason Bailey‘s Flavorwire list of “15 Great Female Film Critics You Ought to Be Reading.” She will continue to do the TYT show with Alonso Duralde and Ben Mankiewicz, and no doubt have little trouble finding new outlets for her reporting talents. Who knows, maybe even a book is in her future.

The most insighful coverage of Lemire and Germain’s AP exit belonged to Deadline. In an update to their original item, here’s how they framed the exodus:

No one in the LA bureau had any inkling this was coming. A former colleague says Germain just had enough. He took a five-week vacation after the Oscars and started thinking how he wasn’t enjoying his job anymore. Managers had taken away things he really enjoyed doing, like his summer movie preview…

After that, the managers starting putting pressure on Lemire to take over more of Germain’s responsibilities, including weekend junkets and Sunday box office, and she didn’t want to do it. They also had cut back on her film reviews, her specialty, so she quit.